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debi m. - bar mitzvah

"Thank you very much Benjamin. That was just fantastic! It's awesome! Absolutely fantastic! My son and his friends are still talking about the event. We just got the photo album and now they are having fresh memories all over again. They don't stop talking about the moment when you levitated my son."

jeff b. - bar mitzvah

"You got rave reviews! I heard great things from both the kids and the adults."

paul a. - bar mitzvah

"You did a great job and everybody had a wonderful time and they were amazed by your magic. A lot of times kids try to figure it all out, but they just watched in awe. The adults came up to me and said they were amazed at how skillful you were with you hands -totally smooth. We were impressed with your interactions, how you interact with people. You went right up to the table and broke the ice right away. I'm glad we saw you at the showcase. Feel free to use us as a reference if you need."

caren n. - bat mitzvah

"I knew there was something about you, when I met you. I knew when I saw you there was something special about your magic. That feeling was strong then and I was right. You were spectacular - I really feel that."

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