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What are parents saying who chose Benjamin Corey for their party?
This is how other parents describe our program after their event.  Each person quoted is available as a reference.  You may also see video and photos of our program.

“We really enjoyed having magic the entire evening for our Daughter's bat mitzvah party.  You sure were right when you told us you would entertain all of our guests.  We saw guests both young and old laughing and watching in amazement.
As we were planning the event we knew that we didn’t want to have the same entertainment and DJ games that many other kids seem to have.  We hired you to provide something special and unique.  That is exactly what we got.
Our daughter has intelligent friends and you really got their minds working.  They had a great time.   We are still blown away by that thing you did with the newspaper!  Thank you, Benjamin, for all that you did to make our simcha memorable.”

“You did a great job and everybody had a wonderful time and they were amazed by your magic.  A lot of times kids try to figure it all out, but they just watched in awe.  The adults came up to me and said they were amazed at how skillful you were with your hands- totally smooth.  We were impressed with your interactions, how you interact with people.  You went right up to the table and broke the ice right away.  I’m glad we saw you at the showcase.  Feel free to use us as a reference if you need.” 

“Thank you, so much for entertaining the entire evening at my Daughter’s bat mitzvah.  We are also excited about having you in February 2007 for our Son’s party.  We saw your show this summer and knew we had to see everything else that you do.  We were so surprised by what you did!  Then, you actually levitated our daughter!  Thanks for helping our family celebrate all of our special days.”


“It was different for them, so the kids were very happy.  It was wonderful!  We are very happy!” 

My Wife met you and really wanted you for our event.  I thought it was an extravagance and she had to talk me into it, but I’m really glad you came – That was awesome!”       

“I knew there was something about you, when I met you.  I knew when I saw you there was something special about your magic.  That feeling was strong then and I was right.  You were spectacular - I really feel that.

            “You vivify the audience!  Watching you I felt like I was watching Chopin.”

            “That was awesome!  The kids were almost as amazed as the adults!” 

            “We saw a magic show a few weeks ago – those guys have been doing it for years and years and we thought you were better!  We were amazed and we were watching very close.”

            “Everybody loved you, our family thought you were great- our son loved you too – that was important because it was his day”

            “I really hate magicians and I loved your show!  Consider that the highest compliment of your career.”

“Thank you for the fine job you did at Josh’s Bar Mitzvah.  Everyone had a great time and I received more than one compliment about you.”

            “You got rave reviews!  I heard great things from both the kids and the adults”

            “What can I say?  You were PHENOMENAL!  You were such a hit with absolutely everyone!!!  You helped make the day a success.  The kids loved you, the tots loved you, and all the adults loved you!  I know that our G-d Mother, Joan Sacarab is planning on using you for her future engagements.  She is one of Washington’s premier party/wedding planners and she thought you were the best she has ever seen!  In any case, thank you for blending and entertaining and making our day so enjoyable.  I am happy to be a reference for you.  YOU ARE AWESOME!  Keep in touch and if you are in our area, please stop by for a visit or dinner.”   

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Benjamin Corey Feinblum

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