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I am a bar and bat Mitzvah entertainer because when I had my bar mitzvah I experienced how important great entertainment was for my friends and family. It is one of the few moments when everyone is together in a special atmosphere and they are being treated to an evening of entertainment.

Read the story from the Washington Jewish Week:
Bar Bat Mitzvah Entertainment Planning Guide: "It's Magic! Add a little wizardry to your b'nai mitzvah (mitzvot) party."

Dozens of b'nai mitzvot I attended were about the same. There was food, music, perhaps some alcohol, and a whole bunch of teenagers running around. They were great, but those weren't the ones I really remembered. Eventually, they ran together into a blur.

The few events that were different, where one thing stood out, stuck with me.

I remember those great moments.

When I had my bar mitzvah they called it "The bar mitzvah of a life-time" because I led the entire service (the Rabbi remained seated). As an insomniac I'd be up late at night studying. I'd be up at three AM learning all the prayers for my bar mitzvah, and spending a few hours practicing magic.

Now, I'm here.

And, I've combined the two.

(Your child may not want to learn all the prayers (or have to), but it led somewhere. Leading services at Hillel during college where a few hundred Jewish girls were, I never had trouble finding a date. My bar mitzvah studying payed off in a way I never expected!)

I am still thinking about bar mitzvah's late at night. (If I am lucky the next will be your's.) But, now I am imagining how to take the one bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah of your life time and provide that one thing that makes your party stand out.

The options for entertainment, though seemingly vast, are actually limited.

I am always thinking about how I can help you make a more joyful, memorable, and magical experience at this milestone event.

I spent years perfecting my show, "Defying Gravity" for that purpose.

I want to provide that one thing that really makes your event stand out.

Your son or daughter will only have one bar or bat mitzvah.

I'd like to be there - to levitate him or her - into adulthood.

A moment his or her friends and family will not soon forget.

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Benjamin Corey Feinblum

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Entertainment

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“My photography partner and I have been working these types of events for years.  When you were doing your program we kept looking at each other.  We have never seen a more unique and exciting presentation at any Bar or Bat Mitzvah.  We loved it!”